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ginger and scott

Ginger and Scott are an absolutely top-notch jazz vocal duo. Practicing the extreme sport of big band, they have been dubbed "the swingmeister" and "fabulous chanteuse." Think Mel Torme/Jack Jones meets Julie London/Annie Ross. Or Rosemary Clooney and Bing Crosby.

solitary moon

It all begins with the gorgeous sound of Ginger Berglund and Scott Whitfield’s voices and the control they have over them as instruments. From every standpoint…the sonority of Ginger and Scott vocalizing individually and together is so very pleasing to the ear.

The Johnny Mandel Songbook has been done to death but never this well!

"This is an expertly formed entertainment. Strictly charming throughout, this date has all the right moves in all the right spots and is a tonic for jaded jazz vocal ears looking for both a kick and some relief. Hot stuff throughout.” artistic song-pluggers, these two are perfect.

Dee Dee McNeil, LA Jazz

Here is a new duo who provide hope and inspiration.

Jackie Cain

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